Catesbi Community Interest Company based in Edinburgh, bring Evidence Based Teaching Strategies (Applied Behaviour Analysis) to Scotland, Improving of the quality of life for children with learning difficulties. Catesbi approached Luminet to create a colourful but unique brand identity that reflected the goals and aspirations of the company.



The Catesbi design comes directly from the representation of a hummingbird. We wanted to create a strong, recognisable brand that would represent the company and its goals. The humming bird, is a small but fast, colourful, courageous creature; symbolising, determination, endurance, adaptability and flexibility, all features which represent Catesbi and the challenges it faces.

Birds also represent a human's power and ability to escape gravity and ACHIEVE SUCCESS through the efforts of climbing higher and taking off into flight. A spectrum of colours have been applied to the Catesbi humming bird, to represent the spectrum of learning difficulties that Catesbi work with. The brand was then applied to their stationery set (business cards and word letterhead templates).