Sequoyah - Accountants Aberdeen

seQuoyah Accountants Aberdeen - bespoke Accounting & Strategic Support. Providing services such as Early Stage Business Support, Senior Management and Board Level Support, System and Result Enhancement, Operational Financial Reporting, Investment and Disposal Strategies, Accounting and Taxation Services
seQuoyoh approached Luminet to create a brand identity to reflect the professional and strategic service they provide.



A simple contemporary strong sans serif font has been used to convey stability and reliability. The ‘Q’ enclosed within a gold box creates a sense of bold security, balance, protection of your assets, and confidence in seQuoyah. The straight lines of the box impart strength, professionalism and efficiency, with curved edges representing approachability and bespoke solutions. The brand was applied to their stationery set (business cards, word letterhead templates and images for facebook and Linkedin), along with a responsive website. Laterly we designed 148x148mm Booklets to conveys the message of what a company stands for and the services they offer.  View Website at :

Client Testimonial

"When we started our business, all we knew was its name and the services we were looking to provide. With no real creative flair, we had no concept of how to brand the business or set-out our message on the website. From providing Diane with what we thought was limited information, she managed to turn our raw data into an organised, flowing and visually aesthetic website.

The various options and concepts presented for the branding aspect made it easy for us to decide how we wanted to present our business and we are thrilled with the results. Diane at Luminet had been introduced to us by a client and we would not hesitate in recommending and endorse the work done or service provided.

What we thought was going to be a stressful and time-consuming exercise turned out to be just the opposite. Thanks Diane!" - Mark Fraser - Director at seQuoyah